Szabó, Zoltán András

assistant professor

Szabó, Zoltán András

assistant professor at Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Education and Psychology Institute of Education

Educational and research interests

  • Educational discourses in Central Europe (19th–21th century)
  • The application of interdisciplinary research methodology in the field of educational science (with special attention to content analysis)



1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 23-27., Room. No. 420.


Teaching activities

Bachelor studies

Pedagogy BA (Hungarian)

Master studies

Educational Science MA (Hungarian and English), Human Resource Counselling MA (Hungarian)

Doctoral studies

Doctoral School of Education (Announcer of research topic, Hungarian and English)

Postgraduate programme

Museum Education Counselling (Hungarian)

Teacher training

Undivided teacher training (Hungarian)

College for Advanced Studies

Illyés Sándor College for Advanced Studies (Hungarian)

Research fields

  • The development of educational science (19th–21th century)
  • Talent development in higher education
  • The application of network theory in educational science
  • Content and discourse analysis in education


  • Co-leader of the Centre and periphery in cosmopolitan Central European urban education: a comparative analysis of four capital cities in the late 19th and early 20th century CENTRAL Workshop 2020 (postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19)
  • Vice-leader of The past and present of the Hungarian educational science – development of a discipline, scientific communication (1970–2017) NRDIO (OTKA) project (2018–2022)


Recent publications

Garai, I., Szabó, Z. A., & Németh, A. (2020). Movement of Special Colleges for Advanced Studies and its Current Challenges in Hungary. Historia Scholastica, 6(1) 124–145.

Ruzsa, B., Szabó, Z. A. & Szalkay, Cs. (2020). A budapesti Állami Felső Ipariskola megszervezése a 19. század második felében. Ars Hungarica, 46(1), 89–98.

Schiller, E., Dorner, H. & Szabó, Z. A. (2020). Developing senior learners’ autonomy in language learning. An exploratory study of Hungarian adult educators’ support strategies. Educational Gerontology, 46(12), 746–756.

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Membership in professional and scientific bodies

Scientific bodies

  • Member of public body of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2021-)

Editorial board memberships and contributions

Other memberships and activities

  • Member of the Hungarian Reform Pedagogy Association (Magyarországi Reformpedagógiai Egyesület)
  • Alumni member, supervisor and reviewer in Illyés Sándor Illyés Sándor College for Advanced Studies